Privacy Policy

Thank you for accessing and using our products and services. We respect and commit to protect your private information. Through this privacy policy, we will provide an overview to make it clear about the principles of collection, usage, storage and process your personal information, as well as to guide you to make the right choices and decisions about the provision, usage and protection of your personal information. So please take the time to read the information below to better understand our guidelines and commitments in order to respect and protect your personal information.

1. Scope and subjects of application

1.1. This Privacy Policy (“Policy”) applies to Coco Ichibanya. This policy is displayed directly on the Coco Ichibanya website.

1.2. This Policy applies to any person (hereinafter referred to as “the Customer”) that accesses the website, and/or uses products, services and/or performs transactions with Coco Ichibanya (hereinafter referred to as collectively, “Service”) which is related to the collection, storage, and use of that person’s personal information.

1.3. This Policy applies to the entire Coco Ichibanya Services whether on online platform through the Coco Ichibanya websites and/or directly at the Coco Ichibanya Store.

2. Information security principles

2.1. Collect information only for the purposes set out in section 3 of this Policy;

2.2. Notify Customer of the purpose of using information to collect and use information only for this purpose, except exceptions under this Policy, the use of information for other purposes must be notified. and with the consent of the Customer;

2.3. This Policy applies to the entire Coco Ichibanya Services, but from time to time, to each Service or to any particular Service, depending on the particularity and essential requirements of that Service, Coco Ichibanya may add / modify the content related to this Policy to apply exclusively to those specific parts of the Service;

2.4. Depending on the situation, actual security needs, Coco Ichibanya may modify this Policy without notice or consent of the Customer.

2.5. Any time the Customer accesses, uses the Services provided by Coco Ichibanya, which means the Customer agrees to the terms that Coco Ichibanya sets forth in this Policy (including amendments from time to time);

2.6. Coco Ichibanya will always give the option of deciding whether or not to provide Information to the Customer. In case the Customer chooses not to provide or provide incomplete Information, there may be some Services, transactions that cannot be performed or the Customer’s interests will be subject to certain limitations.

2.7. Coco Ichibanya’s obligations and liabilities related to the confidentiality of Client’s personal information are complete only when the Customer has fully complied with the principles and provisions of this Policy.

3. Purpose of information collection

Coco Ichibanya is committed to ensuring transparency when collecting and using personally identifiable information (PII) provided by, or collected from you when using our websites, products and services. .

3.1. We collect Customer Information mainly for the purpose of supporting and maintaining contact with Customers such as:

  1. a) Providing services such as execution of a transaction (e.g. booking, making an inquiry or filling in an order.)
  2. b) Maintaining communication with the Customer, answering Customer’s questions related to the Service of Coco Ichibanya.
  3. c) Marketing and communication to you in connection with our products and services, as well as our strategic marketing partners and other trusted third parties (marketing and advertising).
  4. d) Conduct market research through surveys to better meet your needs, improve website efficiency, hotel service quality, upgrade various types of information, our advertising and / or promotional activity.

3.2. We collect Information for the purposes of controlling and improving the quality of Services such as:

  1. a) Control who accesses and uses the Services of Coco Ichibanya;
  2. b) Analyse and optimize of the Services of Coco Ichibanya;
  3. c) Improve the Service Quality of Coco Ichibanya;

3.3. In addition to the purposes mentioned in subsections 3.1 and 3.2, Coco Ichibanya may also collect Information to serve other purposes not contrary to the law such as: Membership registration, job application, counter respond to customer inquiries, at the request of the competent authority …

4. Scope of information collection

4.1. The types of personally identifiable information we collect may include, but are not limited to, name, home address, workplace and e-mail address, phone number, fax number, credit card information, date of birth, gender, and lifestyle information such as accommodation preferences, leisure activities, children’s names and ages, and other information required to meet special requirements

4.2. We may also collect your non-personally identifiable information, such as your use of the website, your favorite source of information, your eating habits, and data related to your use of the service and feedback to promotional and survey offers.

4.3. For each Service, other specific collection purpose, from time to time Coco Ichibanya may request Customer to provide some additional Information in order to secure Customer’s use of the Service or to ensure communication , transactions between Coco Ichibanya and the Customer are smooth and convenient.

5. Method of collecting information

In order to ensure that the collected Information is complete and accurate, Coco Ichibanya may choose to use a single or aggregate of Customer Information collection methods as follows:

5.1. Coco Ichibanya requests the Customer to provide Information in the following cases:

a) Some of the Coco Ichibanya Services allow / request the Customer to provide a personal profile or create an account and to make the best use of these Services. Coco Ichibanya may request the Customer to provide the Information mentioned in Section 4 above to meet the Customer’s need to use the Service.

b) In case the Customer requests Coco Ichibanya to answer questions related to the Services of Coco Ichibanya or the Customer requests Coco Ichibanya to provide the Service (e.g. online ordering of products, services, inquiries/support…), Coco Ichibanya may request the Customer to provide Information in order to quickly and accurately process Customer’s requests;

c) Other cases require collecting other Information depending on the nature of the type of Service that the Customer chooses and the requirement to provide information of that Service type.

5.2. Coco Ichibanya collects Information itself

a) Collecting Information from third party sources

Coco Ichibanya may receive legally publicly disclosed Client Information on information sources of any third party or receive Client Information from third parties when Coco Ichibanya is involved in transactions which has a transfer of that Information.

b) Collecting during the implementation of the Service

During the implementation of the Service, Coco Ichibanya may also collect Customer Information in other suitable ways with the Customer’s consent to such collection.

c) Collecting during the Customer’s use of the Service

Some of the Coco Ichibanya Services allow the Customer to communicate with third parties, such communications will be transmitted and the Information generated during such communications may be stored on Coco Ichibanya’s system. .

5.3. Information Consolidation

Coco Ichibanya may consolidate the Customer Information that Coco Ichibanya obtained from its collection by the various means mentioned in this Section as a means of completing the Information for the purposes mentioned in this Policy without the consent of the Customer. However, the Customer always has the right to choose to modify or request to cancel his Information.

6. Scope of use and objects to access information

6.1. Information used for the provision and performance of the Service to the Customer

  1. a) The personal information collected will only be used internally by Coco Ichibanya to provide and perform the Service to the Customer. When necessary, we can use this information to contact the Customer directly in the form of: open letters, orders, thank you letters, information about promotions and new services …
  2. b) Only employees in charge of and / or directly involved in the extraction of information to serve as a basis for providing, performing Services for the Customer are granted access to the Customer’s personal information.

6.2. Information to be shared or required to provide to a third party:

We may share or be required to provide Customer’s personal information to third parties, including:

  • Electronic payment gateway for secure credit card payment transactions
  • An email service provider to email you regarding your reservation service. Vendors may email related marketing communications if you have agreed to receive them and will track some performance metrics, such as open rates and clickthrough rates.
  • Advertising partners may use email addresses, cookie information and other tracking technologies, such as pixel and google tag, to collect information about your activity on our websites and other websites to provide you with relevant advertisements based on website visitation activity and your preferences.
  • Provide a Third Party or to the competent authority when required by the competent authority or in other cases as required by law or Coco Ichibanya has grounds to believe that we are duly authorized. legal or required to do so or is required to do so to protect the rights, property or safety of the Customer or of Coco Ichibanya, employees and users from fraudulent use, misusage, inappropriate or unlawful of our services.
  • In order to develop business activities or in case of force majeure, Coco Ichibanya may have to reorganize, transfer, dissolve or bankrupt the company, in which case, the inherits receive the transfer of Coco Ichibanya may receive Customer Information to replace Coco Ichibanya continues to provide, perform the Service with the Customer.
  • Other parties with the consent or instructions of the Customer.

7. Information storage time

Your personal data will be kept only for the purpose for which the Information was collected either as required by the Contract or as required by applicable law or until cancellation request from the Customer or the data is no longer related to the initial collecting or processing purpose. Please note that we are not able to delete the entire historical data in some cases. For example, we are required to keep certain records for financial reporting and compliance reasons.